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Mission/Purpose Statement

Purpose – The purpose of the Homer Mariner BoosterClub is to support (see function below) and promote the Homer High School Football program in a manner consistent with the educational and athletic philosophy of the Homer High School and its Coachingstaff.


Mission Statement – The mission of the booster club is to support (see function below) the Homer High School Football program by involving the Families of all football players, Homer High School Staff and Students (i.e Cheer Leaders, Tech,..),  and the Community of Homer in its various activities, with the common goal of funding and/or providing special services and support in order to enhance the overall experience for its players, coaches, parentsand fans.


Function -Homer Mariner Booster Club is “an organization that has been formed to provide additional support to Homer High Schools-Mariner Football Program. ” This booster club support is shown in many ways, including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to better enhance the team organization’s performance.” Another function of this booster club is to find ways to provide enthusiastic support to the team or organization.” This type of support is much like emotional or psychological support, but is given in a collective manner.


Scope of Support-Homer Mariner Booster Club recognizes that the success of the Mariner Football Program is far reaching. The Booster Clubs primary responsibility is in supporting its current Mariner Team. However as the Booster club grows in its effort, it will look for ways in which to it grow its support program even further.

Examples would be looking for ways to encourage an enduring Cheerleading team that is always a part of the Football Family.  As well, help support Homers Community Football programs that are teaching and training future Mariner Players.

Homer Mariner Boosters scope of support is only limited to its Volunteers and Financial standing, but always has the responsibility of supporting the Homer Mariner football team presently.

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